Company Bios

Tina Martin, President
Ken often calls me his asian hillbilly. Born in Middletown, Ohio, raised in the hills of Kentucky with a little bit of Japanese flair to throw in there. My parents met on a military base and the rest is history!

Since I was a little girl I vowed I’d be successful no matter what path I chose. God chose Title for me. I certainly didn’t find it myself since I didn’t even know what it was. Little did I know that title would change my life forever and create a little company called “Priority” at age 29.

Throughout the years, I’ve met so many people. Clients, staff, friends, my husband… who would all take part in shaping my life. About 4 years ago, I met a man named Keith Maupin who would change my whole outlook on life. It was then that I learned the true meaning of what success really meant. After meeting him, I wake up each day and thank God that I get to wake up and live life. Getting older used to bother me and now it doesn’t. I often wonder why God doesn’t start us off “old” when we are wiser, but I guess that is the journey of life!!!
● Movie: A Few Good Men
● Book: Hmmmm… not sure I’ve read an entire book all the way through 🙂
● Musical Artist: Alan Jackson
● Food: Anything at Melting Pot

Ken Martin, Chief Business Director

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio into a family of educators. Honored to have graduated from the University of Indianapolis (Bachelor’s Degree) and Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (Master’s Degree). I continued my postgraduate studies at Wright State University and the University of Cincinnati. Spent 10 years sitting on the Board of Directors for UC’s graduate programs. During this time, I also studied through the University of Berlin, Germany – looking at the financial and infra-structural supports needed to unite the eastern communist sector/western Democratic sector following the fall of the Soviet Union’s control.
Over time, I gained a love for traveling and worked within the government of China through the Confucius Institute in Beijing. This provided me an opportunity to travel in various countries that include Germany, China, Thailand, and Cambodia- learning first-hand the cultural, social, business and economic differences among foreign countries and the United States.
I am most proud of my ability to work as a Civil Commander for the 655th I.S.R. Wing of the United States Airforce at Wright Patterson Airforce Base.

● Movie: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
● Book: The Fred Factor by Mark Sandborn
● Musical Artist: Volbeat
● Food: Pizza, PIZZA and more Pizza

Stacie RileyStacie Riley, Operations Manager
Stacie Riley began her title career with Priority in 2001. Today, she is the Operations & Branch Manager for the Corporate office in West Chester, Ohio. She has worked with hundreds of banks, lenders, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and financial planners.
Stacie has received over 10 prestigious awards in her career at Priority. Stacie is also a licensed title insurance agent in the State of Ohio and an Ohio Notary Public.

Raven HensleyRaven Hensley, General Manager
Raven began her title career with Priority in 2010. She has quickly moved up in her career and earned her well deserved position as General manager. Raven oversees many of our Cincinnati clients from her Dayton branch.
Raven is very hands on and has performed hundreds of closings. Raven has received over 7 awards in her career at Priority. One of which was MVP of the year, voted strictly by her peers.